Recent interview with CIH

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by the CIH (Chartered Institute of Housing ) about my career and why being a Fellow has been so valuable to me. Here is some of the text below.

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“We caught up with CIH fellow Mark Hillary, CIH/CHS tutor to find out why fellowship has been such an important career move for him.

1. How did you begin your career in housing and why did you apply for fellowship?

I started my career in Local Government at the Greater London Council in 1979, working for Ken Livingstone before getting abolished in 1985. I was lucky enough to get a housing job at LB Tower Hamlets and even luckier to be allowed to do the professional qualification through day release at Hackney College, and qualified in 1988. By doing just about every housing job it was obvious to pursue my continuing professional development and I became a fellow in 1998, which is coming up for my 20th anniversary!”

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