About Us

HNMLtd was founded in 2010 by Mark Hillary, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing, with over 35 years’ experience in Local Government and Social Housing.  A quality consultancy specialising in the use of Lean & Six Sigma (ISO 18404) techniques to help social housing businesses improve customer value, eliminate waste and improve value for money.

Also specialise in Training and Teaching Social Housing. Tailored training course in partnership with LBL Skills,  and CIH / CHS Certificate and Diploma courses at Levels 2/3/4.

Key achievements

Subject Matter Expert; United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government Excellence System 2016, and Dubai Government Excellence Program 2017.

Six Sigma Private Sector Leasing Project to business position a commercial pilot within a Registered Provider of Social Housing.  

Asset Management Review  identifying £240,000 of potential annual savings, as well as fixing processes. This Review was a finalist in the Midlands Excellence 2012 Lean Process Awards.

Return teaching business with several major Housing organisations, after successful student feedback.

Project Management – Designing and implementing a number of Social Housing customer service Centres.  

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